About Us

Our business officially began in April of 2013, but it really started in the imagination of a little boy that loved being outside. The idea of playing in the dirt all day seemed like the ideal dream, but it didn’t become a reality for Craig until much later in his adult life.

Craig worked for a local landscaping company during his senior year in high school and loved it. But after graduation and college he went into the corporate world in search of stability to raise a family. Spending more than two decades in various corporate jobs provided support for his family but not the joy he was looking for. When circumstances changed in early 2013, Craig and Jenae decided this was the time to take a chance and pursue his dream

The lawn care business rapidly took off due to the persistence, hard work and attention to detail by Craig. Within 3 years it had grown enough that Jenae left her cleaning business and joined Craig in lawn care. After working together and having extra weekend help in the spring and fall, the decision was made to add another employee. Keeping it in the family, their youngest daughter, Arria joined the crew in 2018. She proved to be a valuable asset to the company, having the same mind for business and love of working outside. In 2021 it was time to grow again, both in the family and the business. Cameron Placencia moved to Maine from New York to marry Arria and try his had at lawn care. He has been a perfect fit as a son-in-law and an employee.
MOW N GO has stayed true to its family roots, caring for lawns in the Kennebunk area with care and dedication. We look forward to doing the same on into the future.

Our Team

Let our family
spend time on your lawn
so you can spend time with your family.